What's the story
with that house?!

I don't know, do you?!

Somebody knows, and that's why we've created HouseNovel! Our platform makes it easy for everyone to discover and share the rich history of homes across the nation.

Think of us as a cross between Zillow and Ancestry.com. Our user-friendly interface allows you to explore and contribute to a home's history on an interactive timeline.

HouseNovel was born out of a personal experience

Our co-founder's mom lost her home to foreclosure and was torn down during the Great Recession, and with it, all the memories and photos that made it special.

We believe every house has a story, and we're committed to preserving them for generations to come.

More about us
More about us
The founders

Amanda Zielike & Dave Decker

The wife-and-husband duo behind HouseNovel has a combined 15 years of real estate experience.

Amanda excelled in marketing leadership positions at international commercial real estate firms JLL and Colliers. Dave has held pivotal roles as the head of real estate at Bright Health Group and on the real estate leadership team at UnitedHealth Group.

Driven by their love for real estate and storytelling, the HouseNovel team aims to help people connect with the past, one house at a time.

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